Shipping Containers To Africa From Europe

Shipping Containers To Africa

As a renowned shipping company that shuttles between Europe and West Africa, we offer Container Shipping Services.

Africa Shipping Company has long-standing relationships with many of its partners/clients in West Africa that own warehouses across the African continent.

This affords us the opportunity to ship your containers to West Africa securely and at an affordable price.

Our containers are segmented into three different size categories; 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft HC. African shipping company offers a standard secured method(s) of shipping a vehicle(s) and other goods to West Africa using containers.

The size of the container that would be used to convey your vehicle (car, truck, bikes) or heavy machinery is determined by the size of the goods being shipped in order to ensure your goods are delivered to you with minimal or no complain.

Vehicles are loaded and strapped inside the container by experienced staff. We use ratchet
straps and wooden blocks in securing wheels to ensure that your vehicle remains stationary once the container doors are locked and sealed.

Africa Shipping Company container services handle both short and long-distance movement of your cars, trucks, and other machines or goods you wish to ship from Europe to West Africa loaded in a container.

Some of the reasons you should consider Africa shipping company container services for transporting your vehicles or goods are:

Cost of vehicle Shipping: The shipping cost of a car, truck or industrial machines may appear overpriced at first, but considering factors that will affect your vehicle or goods, you will realize it is not always the case.

For example, if you intend driving your vehicle or conveying your goods by road to West Africa, you tend to incure costs such as buying of gas, servicing cost for roadworthiness, lodging along the way, feeding during the process and other related emergency maintenance on the way.

Apart from all these costs, time is another important factor you require to carry out this assignment – this may take months considering the distance from Europe to West Africa by road to arrive at your destination.

Above all, after spending time and money you may not be able to track your expenses and time spent you end up paying more compared to when using our company’s container services.

Safety: Apart from different costs incurred as mentioned earlier, it is not advisable to embark on a risky task in a view to moving your vehicle or goods from Europe to West Africa considering safety,

…this is why Africa shipping company provide its clients with a secured Container service package where both vehicles or goods are monitored closely and kept safe from factors such as harsh weather conditions, criminal elements, dust etc..

Africa shipping company makes vehicle/goods shipping safe from all these dangers with its container services.

Our container services also ensure that Luxury cars are not only to be transported by auto transport services but also to be shipped in an enclosed container to offer maximum protection for the vehicle and still maintain its value.

We keep you informed by tracking your cargo and giving you updates as it is being shipped to your destination. Have a Container, vehicle or heavy machinery to ship to Africa? Get a free quote now.

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